rushlight Investments llc


Portfolio Engineering & Private Wealth Management

We engineer custom portfolios using cutting-edge investment strategies.

We guide our clients by integrating academic theory, quantitative research, and economic analysis into our recommendations and investment process.

We actively collaborate with other specialists (CPAs, Attorneys, etc.) to create bespoke solutions that incorporate their insight and expertise.

We have a legal duty to act in your best interest and adhere to strict ethical standards at all times.  This means we only work with clients who we can truly help.

As an independent, fee-only firm, we are compensated only by our clients.  We do not receive commissions or "kick-backs" for any of the recommendations we give.

About us

A differentiated investments experience

Rushlight Investments was established in 2015 by Jean Paul R. Sanchez and Gaston H.Acosta.  They met while obtaining their Master of Science in Finance degrees at Florida International University, where their shared interests in investments and business eventually led them to create the firm. Initially centered around serving family and friends, the firm sought to create a highly personalized experience for each client.  The resulting boutique culture is embedded into the company and reflected in the way every client is served.  
  The firm’s personalized approach enables meaningful customization of services while abstaining from generic solutions. By integrating other professionals, portfolios can be created that synergize with any tax, estate, or asset protection plans currently in place. Academic theory, empirical research, and economic analysis are utilized to drive informed investment decisions and provide meaningful insights to clients.  By operating as an independent, fee-only fiduciary, the firm’s interests are always aligned with those of our clients.

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We leverage our advanced capabilities and technical expertise to provide bespoke investment and wealth management services to wealthy individuals.

Free Consultation

Providing integrated wealth management and advanced investment strategies is highly time consuming. In order to be effective, we limit ourselves to serving a small number of clients. Therefore, we seek to work only with those we can help the most. Our free consultation process is designed to determine whether we are a good match, and it gives prospective clients an opportunity to learn more about our firm and wealth management approach.

Investment Management

We engineer portfolios that attempt to maximize the probability of reaching a client's investment objectives. Our investment solutions are founded on a combination of academic theory, empirical research, and current market conditions. By taking a quantitative and systematic approach to portfolio design and implementation, we seek to eliminate the effect of behavioral biases which can be detrimental to investment performance.

Wealth Management

The foundation of our wealth management process is a comprehensive understanding of each client and their objectives. We integrate various third-party specialists such as tax planners, estate planners, and asset protection attorneys to support the design and execution of bespoke solutions. We then monitor and frequently evaluate each plan’s progress in order to make sure clients feel confident about their future. As trusted advisors, we also assist clients with various financial decisions which are not typically addressed by traditional investment firms. 

Collaborating with Specialists

We work closely with specialists in crafting customized wealth plans and investment portfolios. By directly compensating supporting specialists, we seek to create unique solutions for clients which may otherwise not be accessible.  If you are a professional focused on serving high-net-worth clients and believe that collaborating with us may be able to enhance the value you provide for clients, we encourage you to get in touch.